I have started programming long time ago..

Golang, Node.js, JavaScript, Vue3, Alpine.JS, Vanilla.JS, PHP, Laravel, Twig, Pug, MySQL, SQLite, Docker

Please checkout my custom solutions (npm packages):

During my intensive career I have created fully/or was a team member for over 30 big systems which includes:

  • R&D - Research and Development
  • Bespoke Websites
  • Responsive, Mobile Friendly Websites
  • Custom CMS Solutions
  • E-commerce: Full shop development
  • Databases: MySQL and SQLite
  • FrontEnd Development: Responsive Websites, VanillaJS, Vue, Vue3 , React, Twig, Pug, html5, css3, scss
  • BackEnd Development: GoLang, Node.js, PHP, Docker
  • Full Stack Development: All the above

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